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Serving the Body of Christ by supporting the Bishop’s Annual Appeal

Your faithful spiritual and financial support have helped Bishop Burns and the Diocesan Pastoral Center staff not only address the present moment, but to prepare for the next year in how to best minister to our parishes, schools, and those that are most in need. Below are just some ways that our staff at the Pastoral Center are currently serving the diocese.

Office of Communications
  • Provides most up to date policies and next steps for all things COVID-19-related online through Flocknote, websites, and social media.
  • Produces all of the televised and streaming Masses, including Sunday English and Spanish Masses on TV, as well as Diaconate and Priestly Ordinations.
Office of Worship
  • Ensures all of the logistics, personnel, and materials are prepared for each of the televised Masses.
  • Continues to provide consultation to the Bishop, as well as pastors and parishes for best practices in reopening for sacraments and Mass.
Faith Formation

Catechetical, Marriage and Family Life, and Youth and Young Adult

  • Provides additional ideas and resources for summer activities outside of virtual/stay-at-home options.
  • Equips ministers with the tools to deal with the spiritual, psychological, and emotional challenges of their ministries in the midst of uncertainty.
Catholic Schools Office (CSO)
  • The CSO meets with various school leaders multiple times per week to provide updates and best practices.
  • Continuously encourages and celebrates students and teachers through social media and socially-distant supportive events.

A team of 7 younger priests is assigned to COVID-19 patients. They have a strict protocol for visiting patients, but also for how to clean and wash when they go home. A different team of 6 priests has been assigned to visit non-COVID-19 patients.


Much of the work of hospital chaplains is pastoral care, which not only includes sacraments, but also reaching out to families and helping to minister to them.

Please prayerfully consider donating to the Bishops Annual Appeal today to continue to support the many important ministries of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas!